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Reliable Asphalt Crack Filling & Pothole Repair

Home and business owners are all too familiar with road conditions in the Northeast. Dodging potholes and crumbling roads have become part of our daily commute. The same issues that affect our streets can also cause problems on driveways and parking lots. Seal Tech offers asphalt crack filling and pothole repair services throughout Northern New Jersey, including Morris, Essex, Bergen, Passaic, and Sussex Counties. We can help improve the appearance and safety of your asphalt surface with our comprehensive services. Contact us today to learn about our free project quote.

asphalt crack repair

What Causes Potholes & Cracks in Asphalt Surfaces?

Potholes and cracks are both common issues that occur on asphalt surfaces. Not only do they detract from the appearance, but they can create uneven surfaces when severe enough, leading to vehicle damage or injury. A combination of moisture and temperature fluctuation causes them. Northern New Jersey experiences plenty of rain throughout the year and various temperatures, making potholes and cracks common. When water seeps into the asphalt through unsealed or improperly sealed surfaces, it can erode the sub-layer, especially in colder climates where freeze-thaw cycles cause the water to expand and contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time for repairing driveway cracks and potholes is during the warmer months, typically from late spring to early fall. Dry, warm conditions ensure that the repair materials properly adhere and cure, optimizing the repair’s durability.

No. Moisture is the leading cause of potholes and cracks, so trying to fix them during or just after a rainstorm or snowstorm isn’t ideal. Moisture can prevent the repair materials from adhering correctly, leading to a less effective repair that might not last.

Sealing your driveway every three to five years helps prevent issues with the asphalt. If you’re overdue for driveway sealing service, getting it sealed after a pothole repair or crack filling can provide an extra layer of protection. When you choose asphalt repair, our team will recommend the right services to keep your surfaces durable.

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